Summer Rain

Today was the first rain of the summer season, and I was reminded of how startlingly beautiful Delhi can be during a downpour. Sure the romance is washed away by the flooded roads and sticky air by the time you hit July. But the first time the rain water hits the earth, and the sky turns a dark orange, the air weighs heavy with anticipation and a child-like excitement.

I was at work and my colleagues and I ran upto the roof to experience the torrential downpour first hand. Getting my first glimpse of Delhi rain in 6 years I was instantly transported back to my childhood. I remembered school days in monsoon season when all hell would break loose on rainy days. The entire student body would rush out to the field to frolick and laugh and chase each other in the rain, and for a few short minutes before we were sternly brought back to reality by irritated teachers, we all let go of our inhibitions and tired posturing.

I remembered weekends at my cousin’s farm, swimming in the pool as the rain poured down, taking in the scent of ripe jamun all around me. I swore I could smell jamun today in the office building but in retrospect perhaps it was just the strength of the memory.

Today the sky darkened and the thunder and lightning put on quite a show as if to inspire fear in the hearts of mere mortals. But somehow a scene that should have been perfectly ominous was romantic and warm and binding. We decided it was the perfect weather for hot samosas and promptly went out and got some which we ate outside amidst the wind and thunder. It was perfect.

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