Dumpster Pools

Wait! Before you stop reading out of sheer disgust… it’s not what it sounds like! Okay, maybe it is. But give it a chance and I swear you will change your mind.

Dumpster Pools @ the Palms

A series of small conjoined pools made out of re-purposed dumpsters, dumpster pools are a uniquely New York solution to the age old New York problem: lack of space. Reconceptualizing underused spaces and materials, Macro Sea’s dumpster pools have made waves in the city for the past 2 years, most recently in the form of The Palms –  its collaborative project with Chashama, 3rd Ward and my former place of employment Artists Wanted.

Picture what used to be a bleak, concrete-paved lot of an abandoned bank building transformed into a chic, sleek, Bocca-Raton themed pop-up pool party replete with dj’s and dance parties, drinks and dumpster pools. Picture navy and white striped cabanas out of which the scantily clad beautiful people emerge, ready for a dip in the dumpsters. Picture beach chairs and cushions, and even lifeguards and pool ladders (even though the pools don’t get deeper than 4’6” ).

Last Friday night (Aug 12,2011) I went for the inaugural night time preview with a group of friends, partly out of sheer curiosity and excitement and partly to say goodbye to my former co-workers before I got on a plane to India. I was not disappointed. In fact after a couple too-short hours of drinking, dancing, swimming (or rather standing in a pool) and socializing I decided to come back on Saturday (Aug 13,2011) afternoon for a day time dip. The DJ line up included Pat Mahoney of the now disbanded, but still awesome LCD Soundsystem, House of House and the Gorges Boys. The Luke’s Lobster truck was serving up their buttery, delicious lobster rolls, and there was sangria, coconut cocktails and craft beers at the bar. And if all of that hasn’t sold you, there were beach balls and hula hoops too. Need I say more?

That is how I spent my last few days in my beloved New York City and I can’t think of a more perfect thing to have done than party in a formerly abandoned lot with my closest friends and co-workers.

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