Danny’s Hair Bar

Looking for a salon quality haircut but hoping to avoid the salon quality price? If you aren’t sketched out by getting your hair cut in a stranger’s apartment, and don’t mind a dry cut, I highly recommend Danny’s Hair Bar in Alphabet City.

Hair Bar

Personally I think being in his apartment makes the whole thing more personal,and the dry cut lets you know exactly what you got because it isn’t blown out and styled like with wet cuts. What’s more, Danny has plenty of glowing recommendations on Yelp for those of you who feel the whole thing is more than a little dubious.

For $50 (rather than $80+) you get a great hair cut, good conversation, and maybe a beer or two depending on the time of day. Danny’s a great guy, a talented hair stylist and I believe a gifted musician as well!

But don’t take my word for it. Check out his reviews here.

3 responses to “Danny’s Hair Bar

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  2. That’s where I went for my chickening out haircut, remember?

    • I didn’t realize! Although I do remember you telling me about a guy you read about on yelp so I guess it’s all adding up now. haha. Did you not end up going then?

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